Restock Alerts

Our restock alerts is one of our favorite website features! Not only does it allow you to be notified when a sold out item you are dying for comes back in stock but it allows us to gauge when to reorder popular items. If there's something you'd like to see come back, enter your email and sign up! We promise to do our best to bring it back. 

Please Note:

  • This feature does NOT reserve an item for you. It is simply a notification that an item has either been returned or restocked and you can purchase it on the website.
  • When an item is RETURNED, it automatically sends email notifications to anyone signed up. Please note that there may be only one of the size you are looking for available from a return, yet it will notify everyone on the list. Items are available on a first come, first buy basis. 
  • When an item is RESTOCKED, the system will automatically emails everyone who has signed up for the notification and you are able to purchase. This usually means we have received additional stock of all sizes. That being said, sometimes items are just restocked in small quantities so we apologize if they are sold out again by the time you check your email.